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"We aim to promote equality and justice in a human-centred and planet-centred innovation with an ethical development strategy"

The ethical technology of Genuiny carries out a permanent scientific revolution in the digital world: it places the individual, and not multinational corporations, at the centre of the data economy, both locally and globally.

The Internet is in the midst of a revolution where centralised proprietary services are replaced with decentralised open services, DLT (Distributed Ledgers Technology).

Blockchain, means to Genuiny more than a technology: it is a paradigm for a democratic way of interpreting the big issue of participatory digitisation.

The objective of our ethical technology is to invite everyone to develop socially acceptable tech solutions in order to mitigate the multiple risks created by current technosciences, which indiscriminately exploits man and his planet.

In particular, ethical technology is highly appropriate for developing neural networks and non-polluting and invasive artificial intelligences. 

Genuiny blockchain certification, unlike traditional paper documents that can be forged, has a unique signature, a timestamp certificate that has legal value worldwide.
Some advantages of Genuiny certification are;
- Decentralisation
- Transparency
- Trust 
- It is legal 
- Helps with savings

Data Profit is an innovative service covered by patents and copyrights.
The purpose of the service is to automatically value certified Genuiny data on the market in order to credit users, the legal beneficiaries of their economic value in real time. The service will be able to value the digital assets of Genuiny users on the market as soon as they are available in adequate quantities.

"Our commitment is to improve the digital lives of as many people as possible".

The general scenario is constantly and rapidly changing, values are changing rapidly, and Genuiny understands its enormous Social Responsibility.

Genuiny adds Social Responsibility to Entrepreneurial Responsibility (economic, legal, ect.), and these ethical aspects are therefore a cornerstone of our brand:

It believes in its human capital, invests in its relationship with users, respects its business partners/ suppliers/ competitors.

Through transparency, involvement, quality, respect for the environment and the rights of employees/collaborators, it creates and catalyses consensus.

Genuiny's ethical technology offers every user the possibility of certifying the ownership and value of their data with the blockchain, at the click of a button.

The development of new technologies is a combination of complex, interconnected and communicating scientific, technical, commercial and social factors that are not always apparent to those who, for educational or cultural reasons, wish to approach them:

2022 Genuiny Ethical Technology d.o.o.
2021 Genuiny Factory and Genuiny Point.
2020 Genuiny Blockchain Card.
2018 Genuiny File and Mail.
2017 "GlocalGame" publication: guidebook of Genuiny ethical technology.
2015 c/o Area Scienze Park Trieste: Genuiny "live" labels, the real-time data row.
2014 loyality blockchain card test.
2011 peer to peer civil telecommunications network.
2010 Publication Forbidden to Read and tele-homo-centric theory 'Rain from Below'.
2007 organisation of global interconnections.
2006 directory/guide for corporate ethical responsibility.
2005 filing of patent B.A.N. code (Blockchain Algorithm Number) that uniquely identifies its digital production with real origin.
2004 Publication ITsense: the sensory internet. The subject comes out on the occasion of Microsoft's patent (US Patent and Trademark Office number 6,754,472) on the human body as a 'conductor'. It establishes that the human body is not ours, it is not owned by us but is a 'conductor' owned by others and on this very questionable basis we now have a myriad of offerings such as Helon Musk's Neuralink.
2003 Publication of the 'One and Many Theory' of the Internet.
2000 automatic production system for sites and portals without intermediaries.
1997 Videocoupon: personal web editor without intermediaries. 

"Imagine a world where anyone can protect and cash in on the value of their data!"